Spring and Summer Shopping List

So, remember how I told you I’m going to meet Jill in Chicago this weekend? Well, we talked about what we wanted to do…go see a show, go to a museum, and we basically both decided that we’d rather just shop! Ha ha! Spoken like true style bloggers, eh? So, I started coming up with a list of things I want for Spring/Summer. Not sure my budget will allow for me to get everything on this list, but hopefully we’ll find some good deals.

Also, let me know what I’m missing? What do you think I need in my closet this spring/summer?

1. White Pants

Gap White Jeans


2. A Great Pair Of Shorts

JCrew Shorts

3. Some Interesting & Unique Tops

Madewell Top

4. A Dress To Wear To Weddings

JCrew Dress

5. Straight Fit Jeans

Gap Straight Jeans