Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Yippee! I’m so excited to introduce you guys to Lissa! She’s been a huge supporter of mine and has passed along some amazing tips to me as well. And then, she started her own blog! Seriously, this girl is awesome and I’m so glad she agreed to do a guest post today. And now, here she is:

[button down] ralph lauren [sweater] bonton (gifted) [jeans] thrifted [heels] target

hello to all my fellow rose a la mode readers! seriously, how much do you love this blog? i’ve spent many hours pouring over it. i just love how sweet & sincere linda is- she’s such a natural, darling gem of a lady! i am so honored that she asked me to guest post today.

before i keep chirping away, let me introduce myself: [i’m lissa from through the looking glass blog.] i’m a doting wifey, grad

student, & the new kid on the fashion bloggin’ block. i titled my blog through the looking glass because i’m completely enthralled by the concept of a mirror.

[have you ever thought about what a mirror actually does?]  it reflects with clarity; it faithfully shows a true image; it imitates. as women, we tend to avoid mirrors, scrutinizing ourselves for what we see.we always think we aren’t enough-not fashionable enough, not skinny enough, not pretty enough.

[what do we spend so much time comparing ourselves to?] …who really knows? we never will look exactly the same as someone else. our uniqueness is what makes us beautiful, each & every one of us. it is so tempting to compare our wardrobes, our bodies, our “stuff”. if we are always changing & molding ourselves to be like others, we lose what’s truly beautiful: who we are, created perfectly, with purpose.

when i read the Bible, i’m reminded that i was created for a higher purpose & that purpose reaches beyond my own appearance & finds it’s resting place in God’s hands. i only know my true beauty when i see through His looking glass.

[when you look in the mirror are you seeing yourself or everybody else?]

hold tight to who you are & never, ever let go.

so we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but unseen.
for what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. 

 -2 corinthians 4:18-