Inspiration: Rachel Zoe

So lately I haven’t been able to get enough of the Rachel Zoe Project. I am obsessed. Although I don’t have cable and there’s only one episode online for me to watch, so it’s sort of a bummer. I so wish she could style me! (Rachel, if you’re reading, I’m free when you are! I need a new lewk!) I’m even asking for her book, Style A to Zoe, for my birthday (which by the way is in a week! EEEEE!) and I really hope I get it. And I hope it has pictures too.

Things that I love that she is wearing:

  1. Boyfriend Gold Watch
  2. Faux Fur Vests and Coats
  3. Designer Clothes
  4. Wide Leg Trousers

So anyway, go look around her site and get inspired! I know I am!

THE RACHEL ZOE PROJECT -- Pictured: Rachel Zoe -- Bravo Photo: Andrew Durham

rachel-zoe-fur vest

Rachel Zoe