Gr8 Sk8

Last night Bob and I drove by a roller skating rink and he asked if I wanted to go skate with all the middle schoolers. I do really kind of like roller skating, but what would make me most happy about it is that I’d be able to do the couples skate with him!

Then he told me when he was in grade school a girls mom walked up to him and gave him money and asked if he’d ask her daughter to skate with him during the couples skate. Is that hilarious or what!? So he went up to the girl and she totally rejected him. He was a few years older than her and I’m sure she was scared or felt dumb, etc. (At least that’s what I told him ;) Just kidding.) He asked her, “Are you sure?” I’m sure he didn’t want to have to give the money back! She turned him down again.

So he went back to the mom and told her she said no and the mom got all mad at her daughter! Ha ha! He handed the money back and she told him he could keep it.

*Insert gigolo jokes here.*

Now, I’m not totally convinced that he didn’t get paid off to marry me. I wonder how much I went for.