Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch

This is Bella’s favorite toy. It was her first toy and it is her favorite. She will sit and just hold it in her mouth for 10 minutes sometimes. I’m not kidding. She carries the thing around like a security blanket and it’s so cute. We even bought a few more of them because the original got so beat up and she loves them all the same. If she plays with one and sees another laying around, she’ll pick it up and play with that one too. Is that not hilarious? She’s doing it right now!

When we first got Bella, my friend told me that if we could make it a year and a half with her, she’d be the best dog ever. And I think she’s right. Lately I’ve just been really realizing how much better my life is with her in it. I think it was the perfect combination of the right time and the right dog.

Alright, I’ll stop talking about my dog now. All I’m saying is that if you’re on the fence about getting a dog, get one! :)