Foosball Tournament

Hello everyone! It’s 2011! I haven’t talked to you since last year and I miss you all so much. I’m gonna do a best of 2010, but I’ve been working all week (at Anthropologie) and celebrating my Mom’s birthday (thanks for all the well wishes!) and the New Year! It was a great one. I stayed up far too late and cried the next day out of exhaustion, but it was all good. Ha ha! I guess I’m really getting old.

OK, I’m rambling. What I really want to tell you is that today Bob had a foosball tournament! It was so great. I got to play wifey and fix food while all the boys played and just had some good bro time. (OK, totally kidding about “bro time.” I mean, they did have bro time, but I don’t seriously call it that.) The winners split $50 and second place split $30. That makes it more interesting, doesn’t it? Check out the fun!