Bridal Shower

January 16, 2013

I threw a bridal shower for my friend Gertrude this past Saturday, and decided to wear the most bridal thing I possibly could. Thankfully, Gert’s a little over the top and me wearing white tulle to her shower took NO attention away from her. (In other words, please don’t try this at home. To try a more subtle color/look, try this or this.) But a tulle skirt is so great! It’d be perfect for a valentine’s date!

Tulle Skirt

Tulle Skirt

Tulle skirt (similar), Denim Shirt, Wedges

  • Gertrude Bell

    hahaha I’m so glad you wore it!! everything was PERFECT! xo

  • The In-Between

    Where did you host the event? Looks like a great venue!

  • Cara Howard

    Hey girly! Thank you SO MUCH for the tip! Def thinking about getting a tulle skirt for my Vday date with my hubby! <3

  • Linda Rose

    It was a place called “Nadoz.” Do you live in St. Louis? It really was a fun place. We had brunch!

  • Linda Rose

    glad to know it was up to your liking! love you gertie!

  • Linda Rose

    really!? thanks Lindsay!

  • Priscila Smith

    Great outfit!!!

  • Priscila Smith

    LOVE this skirt, you look beautiful!

  • Emily Harden

    I am DYING for a tulle skirt but I would literally have no where to wear it.

  • Anonymous

    Okay I saw this on Insta and loved it and now I’m loving it even more. Such a pretty, pretty combo. And that first photo of you is just gorgeous.

  • Linda Rose

    really? well, i am not sure too many places i will be able to wear this one, but you should check ebay. this one i bought was under $15, so there is really very little commitment. :) but maybe get it in black. there’s more of a hope for useful wear with black!

  • Linda Rose

    you’re so sweet! thanks! and yes, isn’t it so fun! ebay baby!

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