Blogger Map

Style Bloggers Map

Hey all you Style Blogger Ladies,

I’ve got something cool for ya! I’m starting a style blogger map! When Bob and I went to Florida & Texas, we were able to meet up with some of his blogger friends. And I wondered if there were any of my friends were in the area that I could meet up with, but how were we to know? So, we decided to create a style blogger map!

Visit the Map and fill out the form (blog name and city) and I’ll ad you to the map!

And if you want to take this one step further and spread the word, grab a button and put it in your side bar. That way others can join in. My goal is to get all the blogs I love on here so I can meet up with them if I’m in the area! Totally selfish, I know. Ha ha! But I am pretty sure most everyone will be able to benefit from this map.

So, where do you live ladies?