Baking Bread

Gap Shorts

Michael Kors Watch

Old Navy Tank

Shorts, Tank, Heels, Watch

How was your weekend? Mine had high points, and some low points. The high point was definitely the baby shower I went to on Sunday, but we’ll have more on that later. My low point was when I tried on Saturday to bake bread for the second and third time only to have it fail for the second and third time.

I promise you, I’m not an idiot. I’ve baked bread before. I’ve even made this bread before!¬†It’s really not that difficult, I know. I have no idea what the problem is! I’m guessing that there’s something wrong with the yeast.

Any bakers out there? Got any tips for me? I’m feeling so¬†frustrated. All I want to do is bury my feelings in a cup of tea and some homemade bread and I just can’t! Ha ha!

But I will not give up. I will figure this out! I’m thinking my next step is to just go to my mom’s and watch everything she does. Do what’cha gotta do.

PS: Yes, I’ve worn these shorts every day since I’ve gotten them.
PPS: This tank is amazing too and was under 2 bucks in store. Got a black one too!