Your Personal Style (Outfit 28)

I was watching a Who What Wear podcast yesterday that Bob had found for me and the subject was Real Girls, Real Style. The host was talking to this specific girl and asked her what her personal style is. She replied, “I think my personal style’s sort of quirky and fun with a sort of vintage/tribal note sometimes.”

Vintage/tribal? Seriously? Where do people come up with this stuff? I have never been able to describe my personal style. Maybe it’s because I’m too lame to come up with something as cool as vintage/tribal. One time on What Not To Wear a girl described her style as Futuristic Pin-up. Um, OK. Also, if you’ll notice, when someone is describing their personal style they always say they like to be comfortable. That’s so subjective. Some people are comfortable in 5 inch heels. That doesn’t mean what they’re wearing is really comfortable. I’m putting those people in the same category as cat people who say, “No, my cat is different. It’s like a dog!”

I’d like to call this outfit colorful, angry, optimistic, terrycloth chic.

Anthropologie Sweater

The Limited Belt

Sweater: Anthropologie