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November 12, 2012

Winter Brights

1: Similar Red sweater, Denim Shirt
2: Pink Vest, Similar Mint Sweatshirt
3: Pink Vest, Similar TopPearls
4: Green Sweatshirt, Purple Gingham, Wide Leg Jeans

I am not sure what why, but I keep buying bright colors for this fall and winter. That, and I want to put my denim shirt on every single day. But that’s nothing new. Oh, and these pants are never leaving my body.

Are you wearing dark or brights this fall?

  • Amy

    Brights are a fun way to go for fall! I”m loving all the bright colored sweaters I’m seeing lately. And I really like the purple strips with the pink vest!

  • http://www.spiffykerms.com Nancy

    That pink vest is adorable, and not too clunky! Love that.

  • Anonymous

    Love the gorgeous array of bright color that you have here. I’m loving brights for the Fall as well. Maybe it’s wishing back the sun and warmth?

  • http://rosealamode.com Linda Rose

    yes, that’s what i love most about it. it really is warm too.

  • http://rosealamode.com Linda Rose

    absolutely! i get so depressed in so much gloom!

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