Thoughts On Being Warm

Emerson Fry Pea Coat

Emerson Fry has said what I have been thinking for SO, so long. She gets it! Thank God she’s making clothes for girls like me!

so this is really the answer to that common Daintified, Dinkified little version of the peacoat so often offered out there for women. for some reason people make peacoats for women that are skimped on in every direction and completely defeat the point of the silhouette. and they are not warm. one is shivering waiting for a cab in that thing and the coat really makes full enemies with u at that moment. then you see guy walk by looking really good and really warm in his real version of peacoat and you think wtf why am i being shortchanged on the peacoat. this is ridiculous dont they know women of all people need to be warm. we need to keep the core warm or we get angry.

Angry indeed.