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Dress c/o Shop Ruche, Gianni Bini Shoes (similar), Carol’s Shoes from KM2

Two years ago, this girl married our good friend Matt. And I’m so glad she did. This girls name is Carol and she’s one of the sweetest, friendliest, makes-everyone-feel-loved people I know. And she just happens to have a great sense of style. Last weekend we got to hang out a bunch and it left me just wanting more! Luckily, I think we’re going to get to hang out spend some concentrated time together next weekend. (But I’ll fill you in on that later. Wink.)

This is what we wore to a wedding last weekend. She got a feather boa because she was one of the special helpers. Fabulous! The rest is all her. I mean, check out her smile! And I got to wear this dress from Shop Ruche! I asked you how to wear it and ended up doing something completely different than I thought I would. And I loved the result.

PS: See more photos from this session (including pics of her with her honey) on Carols site!