Things Lately

Dress (Langford Market), Bag (Deux Lux)

  1. Been eating lots and lots of brussel sprouts. I can’t get enough!
  2. Had a friend over to help me decorate, and now I want to re-do my whole house!
  3. I’ve been REALLY domestic lately. This place has never been so clean!
  4. Though I’m trying to avoid a lot of dairy, I’ve been making whip cream and putting it on my coffee. YUM!
  5. Saw the Hunger Games and hated it! (I can’t stand seeing the mistreatment of children! I know it has a┬áredemptive┬ástory, but I still can’t handle it!)
  6. Saw Hugo and LOVED IT!
  7. Want to clean out EVERY closet in my house. (Am I nesting? Am I secretly 9 months pregnant?)
  8. I’ve decided I’m no longer a full-time blogger, but a housewife who blogs on the side.
  9. New favorite show: GCB.
  10. Got a new iPhone case! It’s Sparkly!