The New Jeans

So, these are the new jeans. I’m loving them. So comfortable and versatile. I’m working on wearing them with flats, though I’m not exactly sure how to keep them super feminine with flats. But I’m going to work on that, because I love these jeans and wish I could wear them everyday.

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty stinkin’ fantastic! It was a weekend that I wished wouldn’t end, even though I was really tired last night by 7:30! I got to take my niece birthday shopping, went to a bonfire with my sister at her in-laws, and had one of those days with friends that is just encouraging and good for the soul. You know what I’m talking about? It’s something that you can never manufacture, but when it happens, you love it so much that you start asking your friends deep questions just to get it to happen again. Guilty as charged. But then you see how good just keeping things really light and fun can be too. I guess I’m just feeling really rich in the friend department. Love all you girls! xo

What did you do? I hope it was as beautiful where you are as it was here. SPRING!!!!!

Blank NYC boyfriend jeans


JCrew Chambray Popover

JCrew Popover, Blank NYC Jeans, Gap Factory Belt (similar), Old Navy Shoes (similar), Deux Lux Bag (similar), Sunglasses