Black Watch

So last night, Bob and I were watching 30 Rock (I much prefer to watch the whole season in one sitting on Netflix than to watch week by week!) and Jennifer Anniston was on. You already know of my obsession with her and so I was pleasantly surprised. What did she have that I need? Of course, a black watch!

So now, I am totally obsessed with finding one that will give me that look. I love it with the all black! Like it?

Inspiration: Jennifer Aniston Style

OK you gals. I have a confession. I am in a sweatshirt again today. I figured I’d spare you the pictures of me and put up something that you could really use. Great pictures of Jennifer Aniston. I’ve decided she dresses the most like I want to dress and she always looks good! It’s not fair. I know she’s a celebrity, but even when she’s all ratty looking, she still looks good! Plus, she seems to favor theĀ aviatorsĀ just like me! So I think I’ll be growing my hair and adding some highlights. :) Here are a bunch of cool pics I found all from People Style Watch.

DEGAINE JEANS photo | Jennifer Aniston

STUART WEITZMAN WEDGES  photo | Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston Style Inspiration

JENNIFER ANISTON photo | Jennifer Aniston

JENNIFER ANISTON photo | Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston Photo

BREEZY MAXIDRESSES photo | Jennifer Aniston

TRAVELING PANTS photo | Jennifer Aniston