Remix It

Anthropologie Necklace

Jessica Simpson Shoes

Banana Republic Dress

Michael Kors Watch

Coach Clutch

Get the Look: Banana Republic Dress (similar feel), Anthropologie necklace (similar), Michael Kors watch, Forever 21 bracelet (similar), Target belt (similar), Jessica Simpson Shoes (similar). Coach clutch (similar)

Remember when I told you my friend Kristi came over and helped me see my closet in a new way? Well, yesterday I felt very inspired by her and decided to figure out how to wear this dress a new way. I honestly thought when I bought it that I wouldn’t be able to do much with it. Oh Lindi, you silly girl!

Maybe for you this dress feels like, “Duh! Of Course you can wear it multiple ways!” But I had a more difficult time seeing all the possibilities. So, if you’ve got some other ideas for this dress, let me know! Ha ha! One of the main reasons I started a blog is so I can learn, and you guys are such smarties!