A few weekends ago, we went to Chicago with my sister and her husband. We had so much fun and I realized one of my loves of life is sitting outside at a cafe having breakfast and drinking coffee. It’s my happy place. I think what makes it so special is that it rarely happens. But when it does, this is what I look like…

Cafe Love

pure bliss.

Going Out

A few weeks ago I went out with some girls for a night out. My friend Kristi wore the awesomest outfit ever, and I wore this, which though it’s not the awesomest outfit ever, I still loved it. So comfy, but I felt special in it. The only non-special thing about it was when I went to use the restroom and basically realized I was wearing a onesie. Ha! But it was still totally worth it.

Nordstrom Jumpsuit


Printed Jumpsuit

 Jumpsuit: Nordstrom, Jacket: Old Navy