Well, folks, JUMP is over! It was SO MUCH fun, but I have to say I am happy to sleep in and not wear a t-shirt that is too big for me any more. ;) This was one of my favorite JUMP outfits. (The other was featured on Instagram.) And though I would love to write more about the week, or these shorts, or anything, my brain has officially shut down for the time being (it’s 9:30 at night) and that is why I have barely posted this week. Sorry for the silence. And I’m sorry I’m not sorry. But I do love you readers. Thanks for sticking around.


Polka Dot Shorts

Polka dot Shorts

A Uniform

I’m so in love with the idea of having a uniform. Not a typical, starchy, scratchy, polyester uniform  But the kind where it makes your life easy to get dressed in the morning. The kind where every time you put it on, it makes you feel good about yourself. About life.

I get bored far too easily to actually do this, however, mine would possibly be something along the lines of what I talked about last week. A friend told me this would be hers. And I would be happy to join her in it. It’s all about simple and chic.

A daily uniformjeans, t-shirt, earrings, sandals, tote


Tribute to The Denim Shirt

If you don’t already have a denim shirt, why not? I got mine about 4-5 years ago and it’s still going strong. I’ve added another one to my closet and still feel like I could add one more.

Maybe you still struggle with the denim on denim outfit (a friend told me the other day that it reminds her too much of Jay Leno! ha!), I dare you to try it. Just once. Try a lighter denim with dark jeans a la Sydney. You might just change your mind. And you might just find that it’ll be your new go-to.

You Need A Denim Shirt