One Ring To Rule Them All

Kenneth Cole New York Ring

You guys, I found it. The One Ring to rule them all,¬†One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them. Don’t tell me I’m the only dork who likes that movie.

Anyway, isn’t this thing amazing!? I seriously want it NOW. I’ll be so cool with it. I think it’ll add an edge to my style and I already wear gold and silver, so this will be a perfect addition! It’ll totally add a new cool element to my look. I’ll be more popular with this ring. My hair will grow faster and look shinier. I can wear it with everything‚ÄĒcocktail dresses, t-shirt and jeans, shorts, a jumpsuit . . . I totally need it!

Now, if I just had 40 bucks to spend on a ring…