Obsess Much?

I have a confession to make. I have been secretly obsessing over clothes for the past month.

“No biggie!” you might say. But it is. When I say obsessing, I mean it. I seriously thought about clothes most of the day every single day for at least a month. It’s so bad. Here’s the thing. I knew I was going to come into some money (by way of my birthday) and because I am on a limited budget*, I wanted to spend it on the right things.

I used to be a carefree shopper, but when I married my husband, I realized how important my purchases are (mainly because he cut me off) and started making better decisions. But this has caused one major problem. I obsess.

I obsessed about a certain pair of brown boots for at least 30 days. (Are you laughing? Because I am!) 30 DAYS! And I’m pretty sure if I mentioned them again to Bob, he’d tackle me.

I finally fessed up and told my friends and realized they do it too! My friend Anna (that’s right Anna, I’m taking you down with me!) told me that one night we went out she obsessed all day over what she was going to wear! My friend Gertrude (and you too, Gertie!) spends like 10 minutes trying on one item deciding if she’s going to buy it or not. She sits, she stands, puts her hands in her pockets, walks around the room, squats, does a quick yoga workout, etc. My little sister cries almost every time we go shopping, or even talk about clothes! Seriously.

Wow! Talking it through is making me not feel so bad about my horrible boot obsession! So, tell me, do you do this too? Are you as crazy as me?

*When I say budget, I don’t mean I have to call my husband before I buy something. I mean I have a certain amount I can spend each month and after it’s gone, it’s gone.*

Gap T-shirt

American Eagle Necklace

Yes, I absolutely am in a Rose garden! One  of my favorite spots!

BB Dakota Skirt

Aldo Boots

Jenny Present Neckalce

Check it out Kendi! I found a bamboo forest! Bob insisted we take a pic for you since we were in love with your shots. :)

H&M Sweater

T-shirt: Gap
Sweater: H&M
Skirt: BB Dakota from a local botique
Boots: Aldo
Necklaces: American Eagle & Jenny Present
Sunglasses: Banana Republic