O Christmas Tree

This is our Christmas tree. We cut one down every year, so every year they look different which is so fun! I love looking back at all our Christmas pictures and seeing the trees. One year we got a short, squatty one. We were about a head taller than it. But it was really full and cute. This tree is a little sparse, but tall and beautiful. Very Christmas tree-y.

Last night my nephew was born. Wanna know his name? Austin Boaz! Isn’t that cute! Boaz is of course from the Bible and it’s also the name of a guitar maker that heavily influenced my brother-in-law who also makes guitars. They might call him Bo or something. Not sure yet. I think they just finally decided the name last night, so it’s all new to them. I got to see him today and he is amazing. Isn’t there nothing else in the world like holding a tiny baby. Like, you just want to hold them forever. I wonder if it’s got something to do with how peaceful and pure they are. And how they can’t love us yet, but the love we have for them is just pouring out so strong that we can barely stand it.

Just some thoughts.

Ok, picture time.Anne Taylor Loft Skirt

Steve Madden Shoes

KM2 Bracelet

American Eagle Shirt

Shirt: American Eagle
Skirt: Anne Taylor Loft
Shoes: Steve Madden
Bracelet: KM2