Neutral Pink Nail Polish

February 8, 2013


A few weeks back, I found this image on Pinterest of this perfect neutral pink nail polish. Well, since I rarely feel like dropping 8 bucks on nail polish, I decided to look for something similar. And I think I found something even better for me. And it’s under $2! It’s by Wet and Wild and I found it at Target. The Color number is 206C and it covers like a dream. Love when that happens. And I love that I’m even thinking about painting my toe nails! Spring is on it’s way people!

  • Hannah

    I love your shoes – and the polish, too! x

  • Anonymous

    Cute shoes! I do love Essie colors, but I agree – sometimes the price tag is just a little steep! xoxo, Eliza

  • Gertrude Bell

    i’m pretty sure i am wearing that Essie color right now! i LOVE it! got it at Marshalls for 1/2 the price. haha but now i’m tempted to go check out some new wet & wild colors. :)

  • Linda Rose

    really? it’s a great color! i may have to just borrow it from ya!

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