My First E-Book! And It’s Free!

Guess what! I wrote my very first e-book! I feel like such a business woman. Bob is so proud!

So, here’s what’s up. I thought I’d put together a little check list (it’s only 5 pages) of wardrobe staples for this fall and for the holidays! Some of them I already have, and some I still want to add to my closet. Maybe you’ve got your whole life figured out, but I found that just this past weekend, I had a crisis over what to wear to a wedding because it was a little chilly outside. Thank God for friends that I can call 10 times in a half an hour to talk things through. (You’re a life-saver, Anna!)

But I hate buying things last minute. I’d rather buy them when I find a great deal, and then have it just sitting in my closet ready to go. That’s what this checklist is for. It’s a list of things that will get rid of those freak out moments in the next few months. Some of the items are staples, and some are trends specific to this season. I’m hoping this is a helpful resource for you. Let me know what you think! All you have to do is subscribe and it’s yours for free!