Since quitting my job a few years back, I have a whole new perspective of Mondays. I used to, like everyone else working a 9-5 job, hate them. Now, I honestly look forward to them. I love the weekends, but when time starts to blend together, you begin to look forward to the days when you can feel like you accomplish something—even if that something is just cleaning the toilets (or worse, the floors!). And  though the task of actually doing it is dreaded, the result makes you feel so good about your life that it motivates more doing of things you don’t want to do.

This week, I have a laundry list of things I don’t want to do (we’re having a going away party for my in-laws, who are rudely moving to Florida), but at the end of that list, is satisfaction. And that is making me excited for Monday.

Casual Dress

Jolie NecklaceDress: Target (similar), Necklace (jolie) and Bracelets: Stella and Dot, Sandals: ShoeMint