Just Fabulous Shoes Review

February 16, 2011

JustFabulous Women's Shoes and Handbags

Have you heard of Just Fabulous? It’s an online boutique that sells shoes and bags. But the way they sell is you have to sign up and answer a few questions. Then, you get a personal stylist that will pick out items for you that suit your stylish needs. If you don’t like the options, just tell them to send you new options and they will! It’s that simple.

I thought this sounded so cool! So, I decided to try it out for a month and then tell you guys about it. It’s $40 a month, but that includes the cost of the shoes or bag that you pick. If you want another pair of shoes or a bag, you just pay an additional $40. Cool, right?

Well, it all sounded so cool, but I have to say I was less than impressed. Here’s why.

I tried to sign up and couldn’t do it in the browser I was using. At first I didn’t realize the browser was the problem, so I tried to call. No answer. Call again, I get put on hold. I try to email them and it won’t go through. Bummer. Finally Bob told me to use a different browser, so I did. It finally worked, but by this point I was already pretty frustrated and almost didn’t continue.

So, I got my first round of options and didn’t like any of them. They sent me options that I had already told them I was not interested in. So, that made me feel like it was not a “personal stylist” that they had promised, but was a computer spitting out options that the business wanted to push that week or something. Not great. So, I skipped a month.

The next month the same thing happened. So I refused the options and then got some more. I finally found a pair of shoes I thought I’d like. When I got them in the mail, they were pretty cute, but definitely didn’t feel like the quality was $40 worth. But I know that some of that cost is for the service, so I overlooked it. I mean, if there are people out there who just need help finding options that are cool and in style, this is a great service and totally worth the price.

The shoes, didn’t fit. No problem. Happens to the best of us. So I sent them back. To send them back, you have to call. You can not talk to someone over their instant chat (my question is why do they even have the instant chat?). So, I called a few times just to finally get through to someone and the informed me that there was a $6 restocking fee. Something that was not advertised. It’s probably in the Terms and Conditions, but let’s get real, no one reads 6 pages of the Terms & Conditions. Just tell me up front. Right?

So, by this point I’m pretty mad because I can never get hold of these people, they’re charging fees that were never brought up beforehand and they’re just making my life more difficult. And, I didn’t even like their options or think they were trying to suit my needs as promised. So, I’m done with these people. I’ll just return my shoes and be done. Not quite.

The next month they sent me options and I didn’t even look at them. Well, apparently you have to tell them that you don’t want anything for that month within 5 days or you’ll get a $40 charge on your credit card. I’m not kidding. Now, I’m really angry and I try again to live chat to get this taken care of. No go. I think the live chat is there to make you feel better, but it’s actually useless. If they answer, they just tell you to call.

So, I try to call another 3 times before I actually get through to a human and I told them to take that fee off my card. Well, whoever I talked to didn’t have the authorization to do that or something. So he tells me someone will call me by the end of the day. The end of the day rolls around and I wasn’t about to let this go on another day, so I call them back and finally whoever I talkled to just took the charge off my account and closed it. Thank goodness. That last interaction was the best I had the entire time.

Not sure if this is everyone’s experience with them, but this was mine. It sucked up my time and made me loose my cool.

Update 3/26/11

I’ve been in touch with a representative from Just Fabulous and I’m happy to say that they’ve seen my review and are looking to make some improvements based on my experience. I had a conference call with them and we discussed the problems I had. They seemed very receptive and are making changes. They’ve asked me to try them out again to monitor their progress. I am hopeful that I will be able to report back to you that the issues I had will be resolved.

Update 6/8/12

I would love to say that this company has fixed the problems I have encountered, but I have not seen that to be true. And seeing the comment response isn’t encouraging either. I do suggest that If you are interested in this service, try Shoe Dazzle (read my review) or Shoe Mint (read my review). I have recently signed up with them and have had a much better time with them.

  • http://growingupscottish.blogspot.com/ Elizabeth

    I’m so glad you posted this review. I just saw this boutique and was thinking about trying it, but now I’m really happy I didn’t sign up! Sorry your expericence was so bad.

  • http://babesandsages.blogspot.com Sophie

    Wow, that’s pretty ridiculous. Sounds like they are not really trying to offer an honest service to their customers at all. I’m glad you got your money back.

  • http://lindzlarubia.blogspot.com Lindz

    Irritating! I want to see the shoes they sent you!

  • http://muffinlovesbiscuit.blogspot.com BIscuit

    That sounds infuriating! I can’t believe what terrible customer service they have! Good for you that you made them take that last fee off!

  • http://myheartblogged.blogspot.com/ myheartblogged

    There seems to be a lot of similar websites popping up. In theory it seems like a good idea. But, most of them charge you every month like this. They want your guaranteed business every month, even if you may not love the products. I say tread lightly. You should be able to choose if you want to participate each month.
    My Heart Blogged

  • http://gabriellavince.blogspot.com Gabbie

    Thanks so much for your honesty!

  • Katie

    I also felt ripped off by this site. They had a promotion when I signed up, where the services were free until you ordered something, and the first thing you order was 50% off. After two months (with no charges to my account) I ordered a pair of OTK flat brown boots, because they looked good in the photos as well as in the VIDEO that they included of them on a model. So I thought I was getting a steal at $19.99!

    When the boots came, they were incredibly ill fitting, and the quality wasn’t even worth the $20 I paid for them. Ugly. The hassle of calling to get the return information and sending them back over $14 refund (after the $6 restocking fee) was not worth it to me. So since then I have been trying to give them away to friends this whole time, and nobody even wants them for FREE!

    Frustrated, I let the next month go. Just like you, I was surprised to find the $40 charged for that month on my bank account. I had to read all of the terms and conditions to figure out what was going on.

    I did find out that if they charge you for that month and you have not ordered anything, you get a credit on your account equal to $40, to go to your next order. So I intended to use my credit and close my account after I received my order. I ordered a purse, which just arrived. It’s very cute and I like it!

    For now I’ve put an alert on my calendar for the second day of every month, so I can skip a month before the fifth day and not get charged. I’m giving them a chance for a LITTLE longer and see if anything good pops up.

  • http://gennyalexander.typepad.com/alexander Genny

    Thanks for posting such an HONEST review. It’s good to know the good AND bad and I feel many bloggers only say nice things about companies that pay them to do so. I know where I WON’T be buying shoes!!!

  • Ingrid

    I wanted to let you know that I just made myself a honey latte and LOVED it. It had the perfect amount of sweetness and was a nice change to my coffee and half-n-half! Thanks for the recipe! Also I think I will be staying away from Just Fabulous. Thanks for the Honest review.

  • http://wordbyjessie.com Jessie

    thanks for the info girlfriend! good to know.

  • http://chroniclesofasweettooth.blogspot.com Kem

    I use shoe dazzle. It is by Kim Kardashian. I was a little sceptical at first, but I have used it for three months in a row and love all the shoes that I have received. They do still charge you every month, even if you don’t want the shoes, you have to let them know not to charge you. It is a different route for shoe delivery.

    http://www.shoedazzle.com if you want to try it out.

  • Adriana s.

    I got ripped off by them too. I ordered 2 items but the quality is very poor and I returned them. They refused to give me my refund and offered store credit just to keep me hostage, hold my money and make sure I’ll buy their s$&@?# . in their return policy says that the customer chooses store credit or credit card refund but they didn’t care about that… So I disputed the charge with my credit card company! I advise everyone does that if they feel they have been ripped off !

  • Bumblebee_C

    I get everyone’s anger about the charge, but I mean for all these websites, they do tell you this upfront. Everyone should know there is always a catch 22, especially dealing with items online. Its no different than buying shoes that you haven’t tried on in the mall, but just got because they were cute. I just ordered my first pair from just fabulous (like yesterday). And I have ordered from shoedazzle. Actually had to make a return, and yea the stocking fee sucked, but they were pretty speedy with the returned credit. I always say, read the fine print. Anywho, good luck ladies with shoe hunting.


    These people are horrible. I purchased a pair of shoes and paid $20 for them and I was glad that they weren’t $40 because they were cheaply made. Also I got charged $40 on my account when I didn’t buy anything and when I called they said that I have a credit on an account I canceled and they couldn’t refund my money. This is the biggest scam out there. You can find the shoes they sell for $40 for $20 anywhere.

  • Syrene T

    thanks for writing this review. disaster averted!


    I am very disappointed in your company! I just got off the phone with Lanise who by the way is EXTREMELY unprofessional!!! I called with a problem that was not able to be resolved because all I received was attitude from the rep who told me there was nothing she could do about it. I will never order anything from you again!

  • Ashleyk26

    Just Fabulous is a gussied-up scam. They are just trying to charge your credit card whether you not you agree to their program or buy anything. I didn’t authorize charges, or enroll in their program, or buy anything, but they charged my Visa anyway. When I called customer service, the representative was extremely unhelpful to the point of dumbly repeating the same script, even when it didn’t answer my questions (where was my copy of a contract or invoice for this, huh? She didn’t want to answer because it didn’t exist!). And they refused to refund my money, saying that I could use their credit. Credit that I never authorized in the first place. Doesn’t that say scam all over it?
    Now I have to go through my bank and report the fraud. I’m sure I’ll get my money back because Chase is good with that, but thanks for the giant pain and for ensuring I’ll never actually shop for your poor-quality, overpriced plastic shoes! ZERO stars!



  • Chutki

    Signed up back in January to check out some boots as I was in need for a pair. Liked one on the haute list that I ended up ordering. The quick three step sign up made it seem like they send you personalized styles every month and its 39.95 per pair of shoes that you ordered. No where did it say that there is a monthly service fee etc. It was in terms and conditions etc. while like the earlier reviewer said get real who reads those 6 pages!!! got some options the following months, none of which were my taste at all…so I don’t know who is personalizing…but they suck!!! I didn’t like anything else that they sent me for the following couple of months so I stopped even checking. All this tim I did not realize my credit card is getting charged 39.95 every month untill I noticed my last month’s credit card statement (I have autopay through my checking accnt).

    So I call my credit card company and find out they I have incurred 4 payments of 39.95…I was pretty outraged as I had only ordered one pair of boots…which I guess was ok for the winter and the price but I was less than impressed with the quality. Anyway, so i contacted justfab to sort this out. And they tell me that I should have known thats how it works as it is clearly written in the terms and conditions…but AGAIN WHO READS THAT!! So why not say it upfront when you register ….if you are not trying to FOOL people…why hide in terms and conditions or some other tab!!

    Anyway, after waiting for a call from like the 3rd manager up…I was told that they would refund me

    money for the last month… but could not go back further than that!!! She did tell me that I can use the credit from the other two months to order 2 pairs (which is useless since i havent like any of the styles they sent me and don’t care for the quality!) and I would not get charged, but there was not way they could refund money! Ugggh so much for getting what you paid for. Super annoyed, I told them to stop running a scam and cancel my account right away so atleast I would not get charged in the future!! SHE HAD THE NERVE TO TELL ME THAT IF SHE DID THAT I WOULD NOT EVEN BE ABLE TO USE MY 2 CREDITS THAT I HAD!! TALK ABOUT MAKING IT DIFFICULT FOR ME TO GET OUT OF THIS MESS!!

    I thought to myself, how could I have missed the being charged every month deal etc…googled some reviews…and clearly I WAS NOT THE ONLY ONE! Its a fine business for people that like their styles etc. BUT WHY BE SO SHADY ABOUT LETTING PEOPLE KNOW WHAT THEY ARE SIGNING UP FOR AND MAKING IT SO DIFFICULT TO GET OUT!

    Anyway, being forced to …i skipped this month ordered two pairs of shoes that i didnt care much for….but thought I may be able to get some use out of. Will definately be cancelling ASAP after I get them.

    Am not much of a reviewer or writer, but just thought I would let people know the real deal before they sign up!!!! Hopefully, most people are smarter than I was in looking into it before signing up.

    Apparently the economy sucks…and people with do anything to make money…be it running a

    SCAM! and taking advantage of those who skip the 7 pages of terms and conditions.!!!!

  • Eve17brown

    I HATE this shoddy, substandard style-challenged rip-off of a site!! DO NOT JOIN!!!!

  • Jez999

    Crookery! I’m telling everyone i can reach about this horrible service.

  • Annie

    Thank you for explaining to me how it worked, I almost went through with signing up but I kept asking the live chat person what happens if I don’t hit skip by the 5th of the month and “Jenny” kept avoiding the question and just giving me random answers about shipping info etc. That made me wonder if it was even a “live” chat after all or just canned answers that looked for certain key words in a question. I hope they help you resolve the issues so you can try it again but I’m still kinda skeptical…

  • Junier

    Look at this photoshopped image of Marcia Cross – I talked to a Customer Service Rep who hung up on me…..they forgot to photoshop one shoe…..like she would be caught in that clunky shoe that does not match her sheath dress.   DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE CROOKS OR SHOEDAZZLE.  Their shoes are JUNK!

  • Junier

    By The Way Shoe Dazzle and Just Fab are the same thing!

    The Shoe Dazzle shoes are just ugly and look like they are worth $10 at best. 

  • Junier

    Shoe Dazzle is a just another Just Fabulous. Same place – different name…..both places are operated by crooks.  Kim Kardashian just put her name on it as did the other stylists.  Then the computer just spits out the same shoes over and over again…..I finally bought the RUMOR shoe and it is JUNK!  I looks like the chains will fall apart and split the vinyl is so cheap.  So avoid Shoe Dazzle and Just Fab. 

  • Junier

    Shoe Dazzle is just as bad.  They charge  restocking fee and the quality of the shoes is cheap, cheap, cheap.  I think I will stay with an honest albeit more expensive online store like Zappos! 

  • Junier

    My Rep was Christine and seemed to know exactly what I mean about Marcia Cross’s shoe…..she said Marcia forgot one shoe at their Shoe Dazzle party….yeah, right.  Just photoshop her image into a background and then forget to photoshop one foot…..Of  course Christine disconnected me.  I am positive this shady scam will eventually close. 

  • Tori

    LADIES BE WARE! I am a new customer of Just Fabulous (and have only placed 1 order) but will be canceling my subscription as soon as possible.  Today I received what I though was the order I place. After opening the package I discovered that I had received another woman’s order. Included in the box was a shipping form with her full name, shipping address, phone number, billing address, and the last 4 digits of the  Visa card used to place the order. After reading about and experiencing fraudulent credit charges first hand I immediately called Just Fabulous to get the situation straightened out. I spoke to the Customer Service Representative (who was less than concerned about the mishap) and she emailed me a return-shipping label so that I could return the shoes.
    Due to her lack of concern (about what I consider a very serious incident) I asked to speak to a supervisor.  I was transferred to someone (who shared the same lack of concern as the Customer Service Representative) and explained my story again. She said that situations like this “rarely” happen (meaning they have happened before, yikes!) and told me she would notify the warehouse.  Knowing how upset I would be if it was my information being sent to a random person I started to explain the privacy and possible legal implication this could cause. I wanted to know that she understood that Just Fabulous has access to some very serious and private personal information and has the responsibility to treat it as such.  Instead of listening to my concerns she hung up on me midsentence.  I have received no return call, not follow-up email, only the return-shipping label so that I can help the company and return the shoes that are not mine. I can only speak for myself, but I think this situation shows a great deal about Just Fabulous as a company,  and how they view their customers. And I can’t help but wonder if they will notify the customer to let her know that her personal information has been compromised.
    It is safe to say I will not be a returning customer (how could I enjoy my fabulous new shoes knowing there is a possibility that  some identity theft has my information?!). Instead I will be making my monthly purchases from Kim Kardashian’s company ShoeDazzle. They work EXACTLY the same as Just Fabulous – same website format, same recommendation style, and same pricing, and in my opinion have much cuter styles. I just placed my first order with them (2 new pairs of shoes, and the dazzle deal of the week, a matching lap top carrier and notebook).
    Check them out! http://www.shoedazzle.com
     It seems to be a much safer alternative to Just Fabulous.(So far at least)
    I hope this helps some of you avoid a potentially bad situation!!

  • Sarah Goldthorpe

    I’m so glad you posted this!  I don’t want their shoes either, yet they refuse to give me a refund or let me speak with a supervisor.  They seem to be run by the MAFIA. 

  • Jennifer

    I was just preparing to sign up and thought I would do a little more research.  THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting this.  Now I won’t have to go through the disappointment and headache.

  • Tierra

    so if you skip a month do they still charge you? I wish I had read this earlier I just joined and ordered from them today

  • http://rosealamode.com Linda Rose

    They won’t charge you to skip a month as long as you tell them that within the first 5 days of the month.

  • Lindsey Parkin

    I had almost the SAME experience! Personal stylist, I have found 1 pair out of over 50 pairs that my “personal stylist” sent me. I’ve had to select more options everytime and browse the hautelist. They are beyond TERRIBLE :( I’ve now had 2 negative experiences and am currently going through a 3rd, and hopefully final one. I plan on cancelling my membership and NEVER buying from them again. I’m actually on hold with them (10 mins in) to find out where my shoes are that I ordered a week ago and that I can see on the tracking, that they are in Hodgkins, IL (2000 census population of 2134?!?!?!) and have not moved from there in 2 days. I live in WA, not IL. First problem, I selected “skip the month” within the 5 day period but less than a week later, I was billed ANYWAYS and given a credit. I chatted with a rep and asked why this happened, her response, “well you didn’t select skip a month”. That was why I was chatting with her in the first place, to say I did select skip a month (which is obviously why I received the message below) and ask why they billed me anyways. I really don’t enjoy being told what I did or didn’t do when I’m fully aware of what I DID do. She offered no refund of the charge which really bothered me but I could deal. I then asked if I remain a customer, what will prevent them from charging me again when I select SKIP A MONTH, and the snotty response I got back was, if you select Skip A month PROPERLY it shouldn’t happen. I was irrate. So irrate, I had the chat conversation emailed back to me and have forwarded it onto 5 of my girlfriends. Granted I could have posted on my facebook and sent out my experience with justfab to ALL of my email contacts, and probably should, but had hoped they would have tried to rectify the bad service. Proper customer service would have been to refund me the charge once I repeated the skip message they gave me after I “skipped properly”. But to first not refund the money and then proceed to insult your customers is beyond ridiculous and not a good way to retain customers or put a good reputation out there.

    And DeAnna in the chat customer service should NOT be working in customer service. Convo below. Wish justfab would have tried to make this situation better with me but they brought nothing worthwhile to the table. They should be ashamed. Thank you so much for posting this to warn others of your experience. Thanks, LindseyP WA

     DeAnna: Welcome to our live chat service.DeAnna: How may I assist you today?which means good for one pair of shoes?: I’m curious why I selected to skip this month and your site responded with, it’s ok, we know it’s not us, it’s you comment…yet I’m charged anyways?which means good for one pair of shoes?: Would have been really inconvenient had I not had the funds to cover the purchase as I just put a large deposit down on something.DeAnna: are you logged into your boutique?which means good for one pair of shoes?: yes and I have a credit and was recently billedDeAnna: the skip this month button is still pink so that means that you did not skip for the month of MayDeAnna: Skipping the month is only valid between the 1st and the 5th of every monthwhich means good for one pair of shoes?: Doesn’t matter now as I had the money to cover the purchase but how can I be assured this won’t happen again because if this company can’t assure that, I need to order my last pair and cancel it now to avoid this from happeneingwhich means good for one pair of shoes?: *happeningwhich means good for one pair of shoes?: Then if I didn’t hit the button why did the site give me a message stating we understand we understand it’s not us, it’s you comment when I did so?DeAnna: by skipping the month between the 1st and the 5th of every monthwhich means good for one pair of shoes?: ?which means good for one pair of shoes?: I got that the first time you said itDeAnna: you must have hit the button last month and not in Maywhich means good for one pair of shoes?: so obviously I did that (hit the skip next month button) to receive that messagewhich means good for one pair of shoes?: No because I bought a pair of shoes in AprilDeAnna: yes last monthwhich means good for one pair of shoes?: Not a big fan of being told what I did or didn’t do.which means good for one pair of shoes?: I was billed $39.95 last month as wellwhich means good for one pair of shoes?: Can you please just tell me if I’m scheduled to be billed again at the beginning of June?DeAnna: Ok this what our record shows and you can see that you have not skipped the month for May as well because the button is still pinkDeAnna: yes if there is no action taken every month then you will be billedwhich means good for one pair of shoes?: BUT I DID TAKE ACTIONwhich means good for one pair of shoes?: oh my goodness   SKIP THIS MONTH
    Help us serve you better. Please fill us in on why you decided to skip this month.
    Updating my wardrobe wasn’t in the budget this monthI just wasn’t passionate about any of my selectionsI’m a commitmentphobe and need more time to consider my selections
    We know, we know – it’s you, not us

  • Georgia

    Oh HELL no from what I’ve read so far this is not worth the time, the effort, the money, my sanity, nor my money to explore new options, great style that sounds as if it comes with a great headache.
    See Ya!!

  • Ryan

    Thank you for posting this! Good Thing I read the reviews before I sign up! I am so sorry to hear that you experienced this.

  • Anth1117

    My concern as well was that they have the option to charge your account every month whether you order or not.  The options I recv’d were great, but skeptical about there ability to charge my account if I forget to choose or not choose my shoes for that month

  • Aakemp2

    I thought that I had just received my first pair of shoes from JustFab only when I opened the box the only thing inside was black tissue paper! Now I have to wait for the weekend to end in order to talk to someone in customer service!

  • GlitzGirl

    I had the same experience except I returned the shoes that didnt fit and did not get credit nor shoes just got some girl cussing at me and stating I am stupid. well honey I know I had one store credit as I missing a month and was charged for that month and no shoes or bag that I was supposed to purchase. I am down a pair of shoes and out $40, and one store credit.. in my books its a scam in the making and Yes we are paying for low quality non personalized shoes and for the rude attitudes of so called STYLISTS. just be aware of this site there are no free lunches thats the law of economics.

  • Deshia

    im glad i saw found this cuz i just saw their commercial…yea i think ima just stick wit going to the mall or somewhere cuz wat they did to you was doing way too much….

  • Vink

    OMG!!!! This is the REASON why I love being thorough!  I am SO happy I took the time to read this review AND comments. I knew it was too good to be true. For all the women who are SMART shoe lover’s…. BEWARE… It DO NOT take a rocket scientist to see this is a SCAM!  I REALLY FEEL FOR ALL WOMEN THAT SIGNED UP FOR JUSTFAB… Just another way for modern technology to make us lazy.. Just get up and go shopping the old fashion way… At least you’re exercising & burning a few calories while walking through the mall looking for the RIGHT shoes :)

  • Rsepulveda

    TThanks Alote I was thinking of getting into this u save me money and time, try going to bakers toward the end of the month u can get good deals

  • Courtneyllassiter

    I am SO glad I read this! Thank you!!!Sorry your experience was bad, but without it none of us would know how horrible the customer service is at Just Fab. Thanks!

  • Cinshuling

    I just ordered my first pair on 7/1 and paid express shipping but they lost it in the mail!!! I need it this thursday!!!

  • Ana

    I remember signing up for shoe dazzle and it was a TOTAL rip off!  So on the last question i looked up, I thought ‘Hey this sounds a lot like Shoe Dazzle…’  So i read this review and decided ‘This is EXACTLY like Shoe Dazzle.  My advice, NO1 get either products.

  • Luminatem

    OMG This place sucks so bad.  I completely agree with the idea that if they were truly being upfont about the monthly charge, then they would have not just in the terms and conditions but everywhere when you first register with them.  They suck so bad.  I dont want to be part of anything that forces me to purchase something each month.  They wouldn’t refund me and i was just forced to purchase an item with their “credit”, just so i can cancel my account.  I am so upset that i got scammed that i am complaining on every website and blog and i am also calling my bank and Better Business Bureau.  Just Fabulous sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amy

    I really wish that I read this review before I signed up with JustFab. I didn’t have many problems with my first order, but when I decided that I didn’t want another pair of shoes I went to my account and clicked on “Skip this month” – an option that is supposedly there to allow you to skip ordering a pair of shoes that month. When I checked my credit card statement, they charged me a 39.99 fee despite me choosing to skip this month and when I called their customer service multiple times, they refused to refund me as I was only allowed to click on that option from the 1st to the 5th of the month that I want to skip. If that was the case, the option to skip this month should not even be visible on the website until the 1st to 5th days of that month. I found it to be very misleading and I am still battling with them regarding this charge. My suggestion is, don’t sign up with them!

  • Mary_lopez

    Many of the things you are complaining about, are clear if you read the “terms and conditions”. I guess the quality of the shoes and costumer service it’s something you can not get to know reading T&C  too bad for that…



  • cherie

    I wish I read your review before I signed up! I bought my first pair….did not like the quality and so canceled my membership…..or so I thought! Sure enough the next month came and I was charged 39.99 for something I did not get, look at or know about! This site is a scam to get the most money out of you before you can figure it out. Thank goodness That I went to my bank right when I found the charge and filed a dispute. I then had my debit card “blocked” from having any more charges on it.

  • Lucy

    I have had my Just Fab membership for almost 6 months now and I love it.  You can skip as many months as you like and bags are now also included as part of the options.  I’m a little confused how you missed the memo that they would be charging your card every month because it comes is a big flyer with your first part of shoes.  I just mark that day on my calender and make sure to sign in and select or cancel before the due date, just like with any other bill.  I don’t mean to be harsh, but it seems that a lot of your issues really stem from not reading all of the information that the site provides.  Everything you say occurred was really clearly printed and wasn’t a hidden rip off. You should always read things to be sure and then can’t really blame the company if you neglected that responsibility.  Again, I don’t mean to be rude, I would just like people to hear different opinions because I have had only wonderful things to say about the site. 

  • Cecilia

    I signed up for Shoedazzle and after a few months of not liking anything they offered me I found Justfab. I found a pair I liked from their “featured this month” selections, NOT from the ones they found for me. 20% off so I thought, quite a deal! As soon as I ordered them they charged my card (which I thought was odd, considering they advertise that they won’t charge until your order actually ships). Two days later, the charge disappeared from my card, then my order was “pending” for almost a week. I think that might have happened because they actually did not have my size in stock because everytime I checked the shoe profile it said they didn’t even have it in my size anyway. Not wanting to be bothered by having to “skip” each month I called to just cancel my order and my account. Took forever to talk to a rep, and she was extremely lackluster and rude. Beware!

  • Dulcimiel

    I have a membership, which i am cancelling, not because they tricked me with hidden charges but because the quality of the shoes are very poor. They are not name brand, and i am pretty sure i can get a better pair on sale at macy’s for the same price.

  • Teresa

     knew about the membership charge when I first signed up. my beef is with how the company is run, I first signed up in July 2011 and fell in love with a cute pair of heels, I promptly ordered them after signing up. well after about three weeks of “shipping status: pending” my patience had run its course so I called customer service to see what was going on, the woman that I talked to had told me that her computer showed that they should have shipped weeks ago so she put me on hold while she “called” the warehouse manager she then proceeded to inform me that the shoes would ship first thing in the morning and everything was all in the clear and I was offered a credit for a pair of shoes for my problems. fast forward two more weeks “shipping status: STILL PENDING” WTH by this time I am so frustrated with things I am ready to do an exchange so I call in and tell them what is going on and they look into where my shoes might be located. The new rep puts me on hold and gets back on the line to tell me that the shoes had been sold out the week before i signed up to order them!!! Can someone please explain why the website still displayed an in stock in my size and why the other rep and warehouse manager had assured me two weeks previous that the shoes were in stock and I should be getting my shoes. to top it all off the shoes I was willing to exchange for are now also sold out and my monthly boutique selections seem to be getting uglier and uglier every time. I have yet to get a pair of shoes from them I am hoping canceling my account will not be as hard as I have read.

  • Michelle

    im not happy bc it charged my card twice. i want to cxl my account and i cant do it online!
    i dont want to be charged $40 dollars for this

  • FuriousConsumer

    Hi Linda,

    So I just hung up with the rep. at JustFab. It’s 11.7.2011, and looks like your post was back in beginning of this year. And looks like they haven’t changed at all about…anything.  I, like yourself, thought that the concept was pretty interesting, so thought I’d try it out for couple months. I wasn’t impressed with their selections, and when I saw a pair that looked descent, I purchased them at 20% off first purchase and half curious, half excited. When I got the package, I was pretty disappointed with the quality and fit. Very cheaply made. I decided to return, thinking free return, as advertised, but after their restocking fee, doesn’t seem so “free”. Then, I get an email about “credit”. I was confused, what credit?…Turns out, they charged my card without my consent because I didn’t make a “purchase”. EXACTLY WHAT YOU STATED ABOVE !!  I was so furious. It felt so wrong, very shady, a FRAUD !! I called them and they kept saying it was in the terms n condition. AND they said “most people don’t read it”. OK, so the company knows people don’t read the fine print, they know people have complained about it, but knowing all this they “continue” to do this. If you think about it, it’s only $40 dollars, but the business practice/concept seems so “shady/deceitful/unethical” that, I feel I’ve been scammed. What are they thinking? Looks like Kimora Lee Simmons represent them. I’m not sure if she is their spokes person or just a model, but I hope she doesn’t own this company. This whole business tactic is a scam, and they should be ashamed of themselves. I know there are many that experience dthe same nonsense. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have a law suit coming their way.

  • Msxtraordinaire

    I’m almost ready to place my order. Glad I read your review. Thanks!

  • LCraig

    Sounds almost exactly like my experience with them today!!!! They have not changed. They are “investigating” how they can give me a refund like I requested instead of a store credit that they gave me because they just like ripping people off. Horrible company! There should be a class action lawsuit filled against them. Total deception in every facet with them.

  • Anonymous

    I know you can do it girl! Problems are always solved just be true to yourself. Just like ”
    shoes” they can solve whatever problem they encounter.

  • Ros3lov3r

    They did they same thing to but they never gave me my money back the bank did and I all so had to close my card and get a new one because they kept taking money when I didn’t buy anything I dislike them!!!!!!!

  • Kathy

    Hi, I too am furious over this companies deceptive practices..nobody expects to get enrolled in a “memership” when you order a purse like I did..this is ridiculous and if they really wanted to work with you or anyone else they would do away with any membership and just sell their products like any other legit business..no restock fees just a return and refund..they should put a huge banner in BOLD letters at the begining of the website very clearly stating this website is a memebership site..there is way too much time required to keep from getting chraged  money for nothingI am out$79.99

  • http://rosealamode.com Linda Rose

    Yes, but you have to call. Be prepared, they try to talk you out of it too. Good luck!

  • PBCookie

    Their call to you only made them look worse. It’s sad when a business has hundreds of complaints but only care about the ones everyone knows about. Their followup with you was just to make themselves look good. Had you not posted a negative review on a high profile website, your issue would have been swept under the rug just like every other one. Smh.

  • thescammed

    This company is obviously one of the worst. I can’t say anything that hasn’t already been said about them. I just saw there was a class action suit filed against them and I am going to call the attorneys that handled it to see if I can get in on it. Basically they state it is “free” to join some VIP club. So you think whatever, just some marketing ploy to make you feel special. Wrong it is payment for a computer to pick out ugly, cheap shoes for you depending on what they have in stock they want rid of. Customer Service? Don’t even think of calling, they will laugh in your face….really they will. The chat online is pointless too. You can chat, but each rep will just give you the same rehearsed automated speech. These people obviously have the scam down pat. Kimora Lee Simmions should be too ashamed to even be in the fashion industry with the rip off this company is.

  • Donna

    I was THIS close to signing up. Then I read this, and gave me assurance that I was right to not too. Thank you for your review. It has helped alot!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve had the same experience with the site. Not good quality, terribly slow shipping (especially if you are trying to EXCHANGE something!!) and nearly impossible to get someone on the phone. Plus, they give you a HUGE hassle when you try to close your account. JUST FAB is NOT WORTH IT.

  • Pissed off

    Just Fab sucks! I have been charged out my rear! I unsubscribed 6 months ago and they tell me I did not. Bullsh**! And will not give me my money back! No activity on site and suspended the card over 6 months ago so they would get the hint! I just opened it back up to find money missing! Are you serious! This company are rip off artists! Kimora you should be ashamed of yourself! Is this how you got where you are by screwing people over? Karma is wonderful thing!

  • Aida

    I will never buy something from Just Fab. Still waiting for shoes I ordered more than 2 months ago. Nobody answer my e-mails at the same time

  • stupid just fab

    yea i can’t agree no more. i was suppose to have a surprise dinner for my husband and i got charged in the morning.. are you kidding me? and they told me i get back my money in 3 days.. it’s like you take out my money with no delays and i have to wait to get my money back? TIANNA i had the same problem like you. I canceled VIP crap and they were like no.. you didn’t.. this is such full of bull crap

  • Sam

    Getting to the point, so I order 2 pair of shoes and a clutch for my first order, when they came in, the delivery guy asked for $24 for custom fees which I was not aware of. Thought the deal was cheap, but guess not. Keep this fact in mind.
    The next month, I was charged $39.95 from my card. I had NO idea, some people may think I’m dumb for not reading the whole terms and policies, but really… who does. I’m a business student and these statements should be clear and not so shady. Especially in the front page, and they should also send reminders. I was a little frustrated with this so I figured I would cancel my account. I tried to do it online, but they basically force you to call them, and they were not open since they were still on holidays. So I sent an e-mail, which I never got a reply from this day on, still… nothing. That night, I decided to look up ways to cancel and saw the experiences others had, which prepared me a bit. I decided to call them, and the lady asked why I called and I straight up told her I wanted to cancel. She tried EVERYTHING to make me not cancel, so I was like fine you can take me out of VIP. I refreshed the page once she said she cancelled it, and it still said I was VIP. She had the nerve to tell me “I did that 2.5 seconds, of course it’s not changed, wait another 2.5.” That was the end of the first conversation. I kept refreshing and logging in and out of the account to see if it will change, I did it for 15 minutes and it didn’t, so I called back again. This second lady was worse… She talked all unprofessional to me like the other one but more aggressive. I swear she changed it once I told her the issue because I was still refreshing as I was on the phone, then it changed me to non VIP, but I was still a member. I realized all my billing information was on there, I was already skeptical so I told her I’d like that off. She kept yelling at me and cutting me off saying NO MAM NO MAM, everytime I tried to speak. I said I’d like to delete the whole account then, and then she said “NO MAM I CAN’T DO THAT.” So basically my account is still up with all my information… I am going to call my bank tomorrow to stop any transactions and tell them about my issue. First of all, they said you can cancel WHENEVER you want, but seems like your account will be there forever.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kiesha.wallace.5 Kiesha Wallace

    Ok yeah I’m not sure why everyone else has all of these issues, because when I opened my account I read the part that stated JustFab takes $40 out if you don’t skip the month. Not to mention that every time I look at my boutique on the first it says skip the month. I have received many pairs of shoes, as well as bags, from JustFab and love them all. Every time I chat them, they answer and fix my problem immediately. I’ve been with them for over a year and my friends have even joined because of me. We all love it! I’m sorry that you all didn’t take the time to read something that you put your credit card, address, etc. out there for, but that’s not JustFab’s problem. Maybe next time you’ll have better luck (or you’ll read the not-so-fine print).

  • Leona

    The company Just fab Shoes sucks big time……….when you cancel and opt out all together because of your displeasure…THEY KEEP TAKING YOUR MONEY!!! YOU CAN’T GET THEM TO STOP……..THEY NEED TO BE REPORTED FOR FRAUD!!!

  • Michelle

    Just Fab shoes are such cheap quality but you get what you pay for. Not impressed with shoe dazzle either but Shoe Mint gets a thumbs up! They cost a bit more but the shoes will last longer than a few months and actually look like real leather and suede because they are.

  • Anonymous

    ttly agree…. just fab is JUST CHEAP! ttly stole my time and money!!! gross………

  • http://twitter.com/Rachaelggoff Rachael

    This site seriously sucks. Terrible, TERRIBLE quality and their $40 credit is a scam! I set a reminder every month on my phone to “skip” my month and apparently I missed one month. I tried to call and cancel my membership and be reimbursed for the $40 credit that I KNOW I skipped. The woman was so mean and condescending. Would NOT take the credit off of my card so I just cancelled my membership because their shoes suck and i’d rather lose the $40. I gave up the credit that I PAID for because their shoes seriously suck that bad that I didn’t even want another pair sent to me.

  • vancity girl

    ugh. you are dumb LOL and misleading others who might take the time to read what they are signing up for and actually LOVE JF. I’ve NEVER had a problem using live chat, and have used it at least once a month for the 8 months I’ve been a member.
    If you read the reviews you would never have a problem with a shoe not fitting.

    And what do you expect for $40?? Steve Madden? hah!

    We get so TIRED of hearing ppl like you whine EVERY month because of their own faults.

    you suck.

  • Pyra Draculea

    At least you were able to skip the months you didn’t want. Thus far I have not been able to locate any such option in my boutique or any of the drop down menus. I only signed up a few days ago, only saw a couple pairs I liked.

    So, one was on clearance, another was listed as get your first pair 50% off if I bought in the first 24 hours. Which I did, only to find they’d cancelled the order without informing me. And bye-bye 50% off offer since by then the 24 hours had passed.

    Upon inquiring, they said the order was cancelled for inventory reasons, well, I guess the clearance pair was sold out despite what the site said when I ordered. Most businesses would have just sent the other pair along and refunded for the cost of the clearance pair. Or at least sent an email.

    And like I said, it’s the first of the month and still I see nothing I like in the boutique, and despite what the FAQ says there’s no option to skip this month.

    I’ll be canceling my account, and it sounds like even that will be a major pain in the ass.

  • tanis

    funny… shoe dazzle sounds like its exactly the same company as justfab

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