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American Eagle Cargo Jeggings

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Jimmyz Button Down

Gap Hat

Get the look: Gap Hat, Jimmyz Shirt (similar), American Eagle Cargos (similar), Jessica Simpson Flats (similar), Shop Strut Necklace (similar)

Bob and I have had a great year, weather wise. We went to Florida during the coldest/snowiest weeks and then we went to Texas and it snowed (unexpectedly) again. And it seems that when we come back, it’s in the 70’s. I mean, this is awesome! I don’t know why we’ve been so lucky, but I hope it keeps up. It’s supposed to get into the 40’s this weekend, so we either need to go out of town, or the weather needs to shape up. :) Cause I want to keep wearing spring clothes. I’m sick of my winter ones. I want to frolic and play in a field, have a picnic, walk around at the outside shopping mall, go to the zoo, go to the Botanical Gardens…

Ahhhhhhh, spring!

Oh, and thank you all for your responses on how to wear this hat. I took Vanessa’s advice and pulled this outfit together. Thank you all, you fabulous fashionable ladies!