Inspiration: Me

OK, so I’m not that self-centered that I want to feature myself in the “Inspiration” category. But, I have to tell you of what’s been going on the past week.

Earlier this week I felt so uninspired that I didn’t know what to do with myself. I stumbled through the week trying to come up with outfits to post and not look “bad” (the way ¬†I thought people would think was “bad”). I was sort of beating myself up because I wanted to wear certain things, but wouldn’t allow myself to because I thought I’d get disapproving head shakes, etc. I didn’t feel like myself all week.

Until Yesterday.

Yesterday I woke up and realized something. Not sure why it happened yesterday, since it seemed like it wouldn’t be a good day for me, but it happened.

I realized that I have been living my life through clothes to try to impress other people! My friends, my readers, my husband. I was trying to make myself someone that I thought others wanted to see.

I don’t know why I always forget that the best person anyone can be is¬†themselves. But I always do! I think I’ve labeled it as trying to do my best, or stretching myself, but really, it was just me trying to conform.

I woke up and realized what I have to offer is something unique and I’m so mad at myself for forgetting that.

So, I grabbed the scissors and cut my bangs while I was getting ready. I’ve been wanting to do it and yesterday I was feeling pretty feisty. I love them, as it turns out. Then I went to the mall and bought this sweatshirt that looked so comfy. And I’m totally going to post it for you. You’ll still read even if I am wearing a sweatshirt sometimes, right? I mean, sometimes, sweatshirts are appropriate! I don’t go to a job, so my everyday attire is comfy-chic. I’m going to stick more to this and hopefully you’ll see more of me through it all.

Now, here are some of my fave looks that describe me the best. Hope you get inspired to remember who you are (inside and out) and show it more! That’s what everyone loves to see, after all!