Inspiration: Friends

My pics didn’t turn out great today so you only get one, but that’s ok. I really have something else on my mind.

This morning I had breakfast with two ladies who always make me laugh. They’re just a couple years older than me and both have kids and taught me so much today. I walked in thinking I was going to spend a couple hours laughing with these ladies, but ended up having heart to heart talks about marriage, kids, and life in general. We met at 9:30 AM and left at 2:00 PM! And yes, I absolutely smell like a coffee shop still.

Wanna know what I learned? Among many, many other things, I learned to not judge anyone.

We all have our areas that just come easier to us than others. And we all have areas that are more difficult, right? Why do we always forget that we have areas of difficulty when we’re talking to someone who is struggling in an area we’re strong in? Or that we just happen to have it good in? Like we know everything! Like I know everything! (Eye Roll)

I wasn’t sitting at that table judging anyone (pfew!), but it came up that one of the ladies had a bunch of friends that weren’t supporting her in her challenges, but giving her their opinion of what she should do.

Doesn’t that sound crazy? Doesn’t that sound so hurtful? I decided right then and there that I’d never offer marriage advice to someone who’s been married longer that me. Or Parenting advice since I have no kids. Just my strong support and help in any way I can.

Should’t we all be doing this? Treating others the way we want to be treated?

Denim Jeggings

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