I’m Wearing My Brand New Shoes

Happy September! Hope you’re enjoying today. Hope you’re excited for all the fall goodness that lies ahead. September just means it’s almost time for the leaves to change colors and get a bit cooler. Weee!

So, if you follow me on twitter you would know that I got a great deal on 2 pair of shoes this week. I mean, these two pair cost under $50! Isn’t that a steal!

Pair #1

BCBGeneration Women's Kassidia High Heel Platform Sandal

BCBGeneration Women’s Kassidia High Heel Platform Sandal

I actually need some help! Do you think the top ones will transition into fall? It seems like I’m wanting to wear fall clothes, but it’s still so hot out, so I was thinking they’d be a perfect “not boot weather yet, but at least it’s dark” shoes. What do you think? I have not been a girl who has worn tights with open toe shoes in the past, but I’m open to a fresh start with these amazing shoes. What do you think? Would they work with tights?

Also, how long do the pants need to be that I wear them with. I understand how to wear them with skinnies, but what about regular pants? I think they’d work to be a bit higher because they have so much fun detail to show off, but how short is too short?

Pair #2

Jessica Simpson Women's Matine Flat

Jessica Simpson Women’s Matine Flat

So, I don’t normally wear flats in the summer because my toes like to be free. Therefore, I thought these would be perfect fall and spring shoes! What do you think? I feel like they’ll be really versatile and go with most everything.

I’ve been wearing both pairs around today to make sure I like them and feel comfortable in them. (The heels are actually amazingly comfortable. I think I could walk around quite a bit before I get mad at them!) But I am not ashamed to take stuff back either. Think I should keep them?

New Shoes

Now, I’ll leave you with this song by Paolo! This song makes me want to buy new shoes everytime I hear it! Maybe I’ll just go put on the ones I just bought. Yippee!