I’m Back…Well, Sort Of

Michael Kors Watch

Banana Republic Dress

Melissa Sandals


Get the Look: Banana Republic Dress (similar), Michael Kors Watch, Forever 21 Bracelets, Melissa Sandals (similar for only $3.99!), Avaiators (wish they were these)

Hello Sunshine! I’m back. I got a tiny bit burned and now I’m peeling. But I don’t care. I’m tan and happy and I have two Coach bags. :) I also have some photos to show you from last week, since I didn’t do much last week. But this is what I wore on our drive home. It was so comfortable and the perfect thing. I always wear jeans, but then my legs get so hot in the sun so I tried the dress approach and it totally worked. So we came home and took pictures in front of our garden where we have some serious strawberries growing and┬áturning┬áred! Yippee! Can’t wait to eat them!

So I’ve been thinking about going back to work and I decided that I’m just not ready to yet. I mean, I didn’t realize how much I needed that break! So, I’m still going to be posting (cause I can’t leave you hanging! We’re too good of friends for me to do that!), but I am going to disconnect from Twitter, Facebook, and stuff. I feel bad, I’ve hardly commented on anybody’s blogs (sorry!), but I’ve really needed the mental break from the computer and all. And I’m at a place in my life where I can actually do it. So, I’m gonna take advantage of it. Once I have babies, this will no longer be an option, ha ha!