I Don’t Know What’s Come Over Me

Laredo Boots


AG Jeans

Michael Kors Watch

Forever 21 Scarf

Maybe it’s the Fall, maybe it was the horse stables that I walked by, maybe I’m getting older…not sure, but I want to move to a secluded place and have nature surrounding me. I feel the need to be away from the busyness of life and make things more simple. We’ve been house sitting for my in-laws and I only brought one pair of jeans and only 2 pair or shoes (as opposed to my normal 4 pair of jeans and 10 pair of shoes…you know, just in case!). And I like it that way.

My ideal would be to live in a place that looks like “The Horse Whisperer” but to not be too far away from family, friends, Target, and the mall. Know what I mean? Like every day would be an escape, but I wouldn’t have to be excluded away from people that I really love or grocery stores (though most of our food would come from our garden).

So, Bob and I have been talking, thinking, and dreaming of places to buy our next house. I don’t know where it’ll be, but I know what I want it to feel like. And it will have to include a giant real fireplace. And a place where we can take a walk through a field with maybe a lake. And maybe we’ll have horses. Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it?

PS:  I’m saving pins if you want to get a better idea of what I’m talking about!

Photos by Resa