Last Minute Gift Idea – How To Make A Pearl Necklace

This year, I was privileged to participate in The Great Necklace Exchange! I was pretty nervous going into it, because you have to make the necklace you give away. I, though I”m trying to be more crafty, am not. So, I started stressing out a little bit. But then I remembered something amazing. A necklace that I had found on Pinterest that didn’t seem too hard. Plus, one of my friends wanted one. So, I decided this would be a perfect opportunity to make a couple of gifts. And here’s how it turned out:

How To Make A Pearl Necklace

I made 3 of these babies, all a little different. And I’m pretty happy with them. So, this is a great last minute gift idea! Or, something fun to make for yourself for some holiday parties! So, here is the tutorial on how to make a pearl necklace. Easy Peasy.