He he! Oops!

Last night we slept in a kind of gross hotel. Yeah, it kind of sucked. But we woke up, walked on the beach and headed out to one of my favorite restaurants—Currents, the restaurant in the Sarasota Hayatt Hotel. THE BEST! If you ever are in Sarasota, go there! Get the tacos!

Anyway, just after we ordered I went to the restroom. I confidently walked in and did my business. As I was just leaving the stall I looked up and saw…a man! Gasp! Standing at the urinals! “Uh, am I in the wrong bathroom?” I asked. The man was (luckily) just on his phone finishing up another kind of business. Thank God! He started to walk out, but then realized there are no urinals in the girls restroom, so it must be me who is at fault. So then he wasn’t sure if he should leave or not. I told him I might as well wash my hands. When I looked in the mirror I realized I was bright red. Heh heh.

So awkward! I told him not to tell anybody and then I proceeded to text all my friends and tell all of you. Welp, I realized that everyone’s done it and it’s no big deal. Right?

Come on, somebody make me feel better!

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