Guest Post: Joanna from Moda Mama!

Check it out! Got my friend Joanna to guest post! Ain’t she cute! And we’ve both got the poodle sweater (because of our half black poodle doggies)! I love sharing clothes with friends.


Do you know what I love about fashion? *other than the cute clothes and pretty things of course*  What I love about fashion is its ability to make you grow, change, and take you to unexpected places.  I know that’s putting a lot of meaning into the things that keep us from walking down the street naked, but that’s what it’s been doing for me lately.

Let’s rewind.

Several years ago you’d be hard pressed to find me in anything other than black.  I just didn’t have confidence in who I was and what I was capable of, so I thought it was easier to stick to a simple black silhouette.  As I’ve gotten a little older and gone through some things, I’ve become more confident in who I am as a woman and what I have to offer, and I’ve tried new things, first in fashion, then in life.

Now you’d be hard pressed to find black in my closet.  It’s there mind you, it’s just hidden among the sea of colors, pattern, shapes and styles.  I still don’t know who I am sartorially speaking – one day geeky, the next sexy, etc. – but I’ve realized that my fashion can be fun, unexpected, and that I don’t have to be too concerned about the message I’m sending, or not sending.  I used to over-analyze.  Now I play…and I love where that attitude has taken me.

I would not have expected my favorite pair of pants to be skinny, black velvet! Nor would I have thought that I would be drooling over a fringe shirt.   But they are, and I was!   I love that getting a Peter Pan collar shirt as a hand me down, made me say, “Who cares if I look too cute for a grown woman and mother!  That’s what I like today.”

This sartorial attitude has changed, or perhaps reflected,  my general attitude.  I’ve become more open to trying things, even if they make me nervous or scared.  There have been some mistakes, but the successes have far outweighed them.  Some of my successes have been photo shoots of fictional characters like “Nadia” and “Dawn,” producing films/series *here*, and starting a series called Mamahood Exposed, through which I’ve met some incredible women and heard some amazing and hilarious honest stories.  I can’t wait to see what happens next!  Thanks for listening to my ramblings.  I’d be pleased as punch if you came to hang out with me on ModaMama.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on fashion!