Guest Post From B!

Yippee! We’ve got a guest post from B!¬†She’s amazing! Just check her out!
hey everyone, i’m b!
i’m a stay-at-home momma of two and wife of a soldier, but i try not to leave the house in sweats (unless i’m headed to the gym) and i only wear camo if it’s from j.crew. wink!
i blog about my family and life and fashion-y stuff over at the daily be.


women get a bad rap for “letting themselves go” after kids enter the picture. especially stay-at-home moms. just saying SAHM conjures up images of faded juicy suits, saggy-bottomed sweats, disheveled hair and baggy t-shirts. i know linda & bob don’t have babies of their own yet, but working from home like they do can also make it challenging to get dressed every day.

a lot of people try to justify public pajama-wearing by saying they just want to be comfortable, but i would argue that you can get dressed in “real” clothes every day without sacrificing comfort. here’s an example…
this thin, sweater-like top is as comfortable and easy as any sweatshirt in my closet. the black pants have lots of stretch and are basically glorified leggings, but a zipper + pockets = pants! the boots i’m wearing are flat, warm and super-comfortable, but still cute and somewhat stylish. adding a couple of accessories (the scarf & ring) made this seem even more polished, but i might as well have been wearing pi’s!
for any of you mommas (or non-mommas) out there who dress more for comfort than cuteness, find yourself some flat boots (check target), invest in some stretchy black pants, and throw on a slouchy top. you’ll trick everyone into thinking you put forth some effort but still feel as comfy and cozy as you would wearing your old stand-by sweats!
sweater: forever21
pants: gap
scarf: gift
boots: olukai, active endeavors
ring: gift

i hope this simple outfit inspires you to make some cute and comfy combos of your own!