Comfy Sweatshirt

Zipper Back

Jenny Present Necklace

Gold Ballet Flats

Gap Sweatshirt, American Eagle Jeggings (similar), Jessica Simpson Flats (check out these beauties!), Jenny Present Necklace, Banana Republic Key Necklace (similar), Michael Kors Watch

Yea! How was your weekend? Mine was busy and great. Got to visit with my cousins from out of town, went to a retirement party for my father-in-law, had a family party where we celebrated my nephews birthday…sheesh! I’m wiped!

You see that first picture? That’s me realizing that there was a grasshopper on my window. I hate grasshoppres. One hit me in the shoulder the other day while I took Bella out to go potty. It felt like someone was tapping my shoulder. Sick. I know they’re harmless, but the just BOTHER me! Bob always makes fun of me because I have an eye for finding bugs. I can’t help it. They stick out to me. And I always seem to see them while we’re having a serious conversation. :) My eyes ¬†wander and look for bugs, OK?!? If I was only braver in dealing with them…