Go Cards

Michael Kors Watch

Target Wedges

Target Cape

Cut off Jeans


Forever 21 Necklace

Target Sweater, H&M Cut off Jeans (similar), Target Shoes (similar), Forever 21 (similar) & Bitten (similar) necklaces, Michael Kors Watch, Bracelet 1: Gift from Jill via Gilt, 2 :H&M (similar) 3: Pitaya (similar)

Are y’all aware that the St. Louis Cardinals are on their way to the World Series! Yippee! Not that I am a huge sports fan, but because Bob played baseball growing up, I have fun watching it with him and letting him teach me about it. And even though I usually talk to a friend during the games, it’s still fun to watch them win. So this is my official Cardinals outfit.

Ok, moving on…to jewelry. So, we’ve been over this before, but when I get stuck on something, I get stuck on it. And right now, I’m stuck on this watch/bracelet combo. I am wearing it with everything! And these necklaces too (when they apply). Do you do this? Sometimes I like the variety, but right now, I just can’t get past the way this looks.