Giveaway: Shoes!!

So here’s the deal. I was having a day where I needed to buy myself something. These shoes were just looking at me! And my friends were telling me how amazing they looked and against my better judgement, I bought them. They are too big. Bah! So instead of passing them off to Good Will, I thought I’d see if any of you would want them! They are a size 8.5. The first one to say they want them gets them!

Yellow Shoes

Target Jeans

Gap Shirt


I’m so excited! This is my first giveaway! I plan to do plenty more too!

Shirt: Gap (look alike)
Jeans: Target
Belt: Forever 21 (look alike)
Bracelet: Local Botique
Ring:  Linkel Designs
Shoes: Shi (These are cooler!)