Deux Lux Bags

Thanks to my girl Jill, I have a new obsession. It’s for amazing sequin bags! When I met her at the airport, she was carrying this on her shoulder and I became instantly obsessed!

Deux Lux Felix Medium Duffle

Seriously? AMAZING! So, I was this close to buying it (it even comes with a matching wallet!) and then realized that it really is more of a travel bag and I really would want to use it as a purse. So, I started searching online and found so many great bags! So I bought one for myself. And a matching wallet. You’ll have to wait until I get it in the mail to see it. But let’s just say it has lots of sparkles! :)

Then I remembered I had a bag from Deux Lux that I had gotten at Anthropologie a couple years ago! Remember? So cute!

I still want this one though, so I added it (and about 50 others) to my Amazon Wish List so Bob knows what to get me next time he screws up. Ha ha! Oh, as if!