Copy Cat

Target Shoes

Girl in Field

American Eagle Watch

American Eagle Shirt

Anthropologie Necklace

You guys, this outfit is awesome. And I feel confident that I can say that and not be prideful because I didn’t come up with the idea. The truth is that I copied Sydney. I told you it was coming, Syd! I’m not even sorry about it. Is that wrong? I am justifying it because basically the only reason I’m here is to learn from others and pass off the stuff I learn and sometimes that means finding a new, awesome outfit by watching what other people do. Right?

I hope others of you run with this outfit idea. And when you do, be sure to link back from the comments, because this look is hot!

And now, I’m off to color my mom’s hair and let her make me food. :) Mom’s are the best!

Welcome to the weekend!

American Eagle Shirt & Watch (similar shirt, watch)
Gap Cords & Belt(similar cords, belt)
Target Heels (similar)
Anthropologie Necklace (closest I could find)