Christmas Festivities

I know you all know what to wear for all the Christmas festivities, but I just thought I’d have a little fun come up with some fun ideas of what to wear over the next week.

Ugly Christmas Sweater parties have become a whole thing. Well, sometimes, you want to just wear a Christmas sweater, and not be ugly. :) So, here’s my suggestion.

What To Wear To An Ugly Christmas Sweater PartySweater, Ring, Leather Jacket, Shoes, Jeans, Top

I wish I had these PJ’s to wear while opening gifties Christmas morning.

What To Wear Christmas Morning PJs, Coffee Mug, Slippers, Throw, Scarf 

And I’ll probably be wearing something exactly like this Christmas day. Cozy and festive!

What To Wear Christmas DaySweater, Scarf, Cords, Boots, Bag