Christmas Cookie Night (Outfit 27)

This is what I wore Friday:

Anthropologie Coat

Old Navy Sweater

Wax Cords

Ugg Boots

Sweater: Gap
Coat: Anthropologie
Hat: Old Navy (Gift)
Scarf: Gift
Boots: Uggs

This is what I wore Friday Night:

Lauren & Linda Cookie Night

Cookie Baking Gang

OK, so I broke the 30/30 rules on Friday night for something awesome. Christmas Cookie Night! My sister-in-law is such a great hostess and she invited me to bake Christmas Cookies with a bunch of her friends! It was so great. We laughed and talked and drank sparkling grape juice and baked lots of cookies. I took them to work the next day. They were stinking good too! I heard they were the talk of the store. :)

OK, so I have a secret for you. We made Gooey Butter Cookies. Gooey Butter cake is totally a St. Louis thing, just like toasted ravoili (yum!). You should totally make some Gooey Butter cookies or a gooey butter cake. You will impress everyone you know.

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