Thursday Latelies – You’re Gonna Love This One

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Yehaw! It’s almost Friday! Hope you enjoy the selections of this week’s Thursday Latelies.

  1. Check out this photo inspiration from Pintrest. And check out Pintrest! And you can follow me here.
  2. And here are the bracelets from Mimi’s The Look For Less that I’m loving and are inspired by the photo inspiration from #1.
  3. Check out this awesome nail polish from Sephora. They have other colors too!
  4. Molly from Urban Nester is the one who gave me the idea! Ain’t she a cutie?
  5. And of course, my fur vest.
  6. Oh, and don’t you forget to sign up for the best giveaway ever!

New Hair & Nails

Steve Madden Shoes

Gap Top

Banana Republic Belt

Michael Kors Watch

H&M Jeans

2011 Nail Trends

Get the Look: Gap Top (not the same, but pretty), H&M cut up jeans (similar), Comfortable Wedges by Steve Madden, Michael Kors Watch, Banana Republic Belt (similar), Target Sunglasses (similar)

Sooooo, here are the new nails! Yippee! Aren’t they fun!? Doesn’t it just make you want to paint your nails different colors? I know I can’t wait until this falls off just so I can paint them another amazing combo. What shall I try next? Oh, and I forgot to tell you that my toenails are covered in Sparkle-icious! Boo-yaw!

I know I mentioned in passing the other day that this whole nail polish thing is making me want to take more risks! I’m not a very risky person (if you can’t tell) and I don’t know why! So, I decided to make myself a better person and change that about myself. So, last Friday I got really bold and decided to rip up my jeans! And then I decided that I’m going to start trying more fun things with my hurr. I feel like I’ve been in a rut, and I’m trying to claw my way out. And this rolling my bangs back into a bobby pin is new for me. I have a friend, Kelly, who’s hair is different every time I see her. And it always looks ah-mazing! So I’m making it a goal add a little variety. Let me know if you’ve got any ideas! I’ll try ‘em!

(PS:  I’m trying to GROW my hair, so let’s try to work with that, shall we?)

How To Wear Flare Leg Jeans

This is a follow-up to yesterday’s post about Flare Leg Jeans. It seems that people feel a bit intimidated about these jeans (you’re probably the same ones that took to skinny jeans like [snap] that!). So, I thought I’d pull a few pictures on ways to wear them. One of the questions I got is if they’ll look good on curvier gals.

I believe they will, although I definitely believe that some styles just don’t look good on certain body types (let’s narrow that down even further and say) people. For instance, I don’t like the way I look in blazers. Can I wear them? Sure. But they’re not the best thing for me. So, I stay away from them for the most part. Now, if you want more info on what is good and not good for your body type, check out the book, “The Science of Sexy.”

So, with that aside, here are some tips on how you can wear them.

Shirt Tucked In

I’ll probably be wearing my jeans tucked in the most as is evidenced multiple times on my site. I usually wear more form fitting things since I have no figure and I’ve got to make sure I don’t lose my shape completely. For this style, either low rise or high rise will look great. High rise will really lengthen your legs, but if you  need to lengthen your torso, go for the low rise. (I hate that i’m using myself as an example, but I couldn’t find many other good ones. Ha ha!):

Flare Jeans tucked in(via The Sartorialist)

How To Wear Flare Leg JeansJeans which I will soon be pairing with this shirt and maybe something like these!

Shirt Untucked

Now I know sometimes a little more coverage is necessary. (Hello monthly beast!). Or if you just prefer the untucked look, check out these multiple ways to wear these jeans.

2011-Latest-Flare-Jeans-11Via here

Flare Jeans via The SartorialistVia here

Flare Leg Jeans & Blazervia here

Hope this is helpful in showing different ways people are wearing these jeans. Hopefully you can find the perfect way that will fit your body and look amazing. But just because this is “in” right now, doesn’t mean you have to be part of it. I’ll probably learn toward wide leg more than flare leg jeans myself, simply because i think they are more flttering.

So how do you wear flare leg jeans? Link up to it in the comments so we can check out how you’re wearing them!