Gap Bright Flats

My friend Anna just got these bright coral flats and I thought they were so cute! Honestly, it made me want bright coral to be my color for Spring, but I’d have to invest too much money to make that happen. Ha! And these yellow ones are just so bright and happy. They make me want to go out and buy some daisies? Don’t you think daisies are the friendliest flower?

Bright Gap Flats

Dreams Vs. Reality

In my dream, I’m sitting on a porch swing reading a book or chatting with a friend, drinking ice tea and wearing this:

Dreaming of Summer

Tank, Jeans, Necklace, Nail PolishWatch, Sandals

In reality, it’s 30 degrees outside, I’m sitting on the couch with dry and cracking hands, nursing a husband to health (he has a cold), still in my work out clothes from this morning (that’s right folks, I haven’t showered today!) wearing this:

Work Out ClothesPants, Tank, Jacket, Shoes, Vest, Lip Balm

And let’s be real. I don’t look or smell like those models. I look more like this. But a girl can dream…