Farewell Party

Sunday we had a farewell party for Bob’s parents. They’re moving to Florida (LUCKY!!) and we couldn’t let them go without a party. So we took over our neighborhood pavilion and got lucky with the best weather possible—warm with a breeze and the rain totally missed us! A good time was had by all and us kids feel pretty happy that we got to throw a successful party with out mom’s help. :)

Me and Lauren

BBQ Style

The FamilyMint Stripe Shirt, Shorts, Similar Wedges, Necklace, Similar Bracelet, Watch

Instagram Life

  1. The Gap Coat I told you I couldn’t leave at the store. Let me just say, it’s amazing.
  2. Made an awesome breakfast for me and my friend Gertie. I’ll have to post this recipe.
  3. I’ve been babysitting a lot lately! This is my nephew Wyatt!
  4. And this is my BFF’s son Liam!
  5. Loving my Old navy top and H&M Pants (similar).
  6. Another wonderful Old Navy sale top. Love it with these earrings!

  1. A dress I got in Texas. LOVE IT (and can’t find a link to it! boo!). And my new fave necklace!
  2. My new go-to layer for warmth.
  3. Finally bought myself some red lipstick. I was inspired (as usual) by Jill. Wore outfit #2 while I bought it! ha ha!
  4. Baby G will hold her own cheerios.
  5. Snuggling.
  6. Snack time with Baby G. (Told you I’ve been babysitting a lot lately!

  1. After wearing cowboy boots for 3 days straight, these felt soooo good!
  2. Gert (blue pants) and I took Tracy (pink pants) out for her 30th Birthday! So much fun!
  3. Anna and I grabbed Starbucks and then saw “The Lucky One!” So good!
  4. Short hair makes for baby pigtails.
  5. One of Bob’s lifelong friends got married! Such a fun wedding!
  6. Probably my favorite quote ever.