My awesome hubby chopping up some firewood

Don’t mind the pink cheeks, we were trying to keep warm by the fire.

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Old Navy Sweater

Forever 21 Sunglasses

 Hunter Boots

Forever 21 Sunglasses

You know what, I didn’t hate it this time! I basically prepared to get no sleep and I was pleasantly surprised when I got a few hours!  Though I we got up at 2 AM to walk to the bathroom. Whatever. It sure was cold. I woke up and my nose was wet. Not from snot, but from some sort of dew!?! Or condensation? It was weird.

My favorite parts:

  1. The new chairs we bought (because we lost our others) and they’re AWESOME!
  2. The walk we took around one of the most beautiful lakes I’ve eve seen.
  3. Making s’mores.
  4. The food we brought. I thought about our menu all week long and it served us well.
  5. Snuggling to keep warm.
  6. Bob is the best camper ever. He thinks of everything and does most of the work and I just get to sit by the fire.
  7. When I asked Bob about his favorite part he said, “Just being together. I mean, I didn’t like getting up at 2 to go to the bathroom, but it was kind of fun because we got to be together.”