Busy Bee

Friendship Bracelets

DKNY Watch

Blue Eyed Owl Sweater

 Vintage Sweater gift from Blue Eyed Owl, Forever 21 tank (similar), American Eagle Shorts, DKNY Watch, Banana Republic Sandals (cuter), Bracelets gift from Rosa

I don’t know what the deal is, people, but this week is crazy! Every single day I have two separate things going on. Like today, I’m having brunch with Gertrude and then tonight going to see a musical. Sheesh! Between that and the fact that I started eating sugar again, my mind is just not super clear. Pray for me. :)

OK, but I’ve got to tell you about my outfit a little. I’ve got two things that were just given to me! The first are my friendship bracelets given to me by Rosa (from Rosa Loves…)! Aren’t they great!? I’m loving them. I think I’ve worn them every day since I got them in the mail. And the second thing is this amazing sweater! It’s from Liz at Blue Eyed Owl!

I am really feeling the love today, I gotta tell ya. So I’ve got to send some love back to them and to you by letting you in on these little secrets! You gotta visit Rosa’s site…because she pretty much has amazing taste. I’ve also forgiven her for the time she taunted me with photos of a toasted marshmallow shake. Not. Fair. But we worked out a deal that once I finally make it to DC, she’s gonna take me there.

As for the Blue Eyed Owl, if I were a size 6, I’d be all over this dress. And how cute are these pinwheel bobby pins!?! Oh, and I’m pretty sure she’s got a cute little blog too!