Birthday Girl

Yea! It’s my birthday!

Oh, and that rhymed. :)

Have you ever noticed when you have money and are looking to spend it you can never find anything worth spending it on, but when the allowance your husband gave you is gone, you find so much! Ugh! I hate that. That is what today was. I basically made Bob go shopping with me all day. We had a brief break for lunch, and then back to shopping. We must have shopped for 5 hours. And Bob got more than I did. Seriously? I can’t believe how many clothes look bad on me. Or just plain mediocre. But I did get some boots! And I have money to spend another day.

However, yesterday, I got this fabulous bag and top. I’m pretty happy with the sequins for day and this bag should go with my boots that I’m getting on Friday. EEEEE! I love new clothes.

How was your day?

Pitaya Top

Banana Republic Sunglasses

The Limited Jeans

Anthropologie Purse

Sunglasses: Banana Republic
Bag: Anthropologie
Top: Pitaya
Jeans: The Limited
Shoes: Jessica Simpson