Day 7 Cardinals Game

Last night we went to the Cardinals game. As you can see from the window, it was raining. Pouring in fact. And when it rains, only one thing follows: humidity. So the baseball cap was not an option. But I did my best with my 30/30 items and mixed the pink and red (which I don’t normally do) for a pleasant evening outdoors. Worked out great. I was neither hot nor cold, and my hair was kept under control—Thank God!

Hat: Cardinals
Necklace: Gift from the Cayman Islands
Belt: F21
Watch: F21
Tank: Gap
Jeans: Calvin Klein

Day 6

I pulled this shirt out for the 30/30 challenge because I’m going to have to wear it for my husband’s softball games (he’s on the blue team!) and it’s a bit tighter than I recall. We’ll see how many times I can actually stand wearing it all day long. It’ll have to be on the skinny days. Ahem.

Shirt: The Limited
Necklace: The Limited
Watch: F21
Jeans: Jimmyz
Shoes: Banana Republic